Fano Events and Promotion was founded by individuals who have passion to deliver quality and in Ethiopian context events organization and promotion servics in Ethiopia and abroad. So far the founding members have been working in radio and TV programs, events and promotion , design and print works and film industry. There are ongoing projects in different areas that could adress wide variety of audience including fashion , film and movies industry. Please follow our website and social media accounts for regular updates about our upcoming events.


Events Organization and Promotion: our prominent services that we are acustomed to and presnt proudly.

Multi Media

We do great productions and composition Ofcourse Yes , you can reach millions of people on radio and TV programs.


We do design and printing works : Graphics Design, Logo Design and Layout and related quality graphics works


Fano Eents and Promotion is an organization that is working in events organization, promotion, grahics and other print materials design,video productin and films production in Hawassa. So far the founding members have been working in film industry, media, promotion and other areas that are related wirh their current endevour.


With passion to excel in the areas of their operatin and harmonous team sprit, Fano is confident to add a new dimension to your business or other issues you want to work with us.

The new possibilities with Fano in Hawassa and the surroinding areas are awaiting those whoo have big dreams, love to exlore new horizones and move to the next nevel.

  • Events and Promotion

Events organization , promotion and awareness creation sessions in different parts of the city for commercial purpose and on different social issues.

  • Radio and TV

Advertisiment, programs management and different aspects of media production that encompasses both governmental and private organizations on radio and TV.

  • Graphics and Logo Design

We have rich exerience in designing and printing different publications , logo and company promotion materials.

  • Film Production

Our founding members have specialized in film industry from acting and directing to production. We have also keen interest in promoting the Southern Region of the country culture and art development and promotion.

  • Ethiopian Tastes

There are variety of untapped cultural values in Southern region that are not well promoted and included both in international and otehr medias . There are upcoming projects in the Southern Region culture and tourism.


Huge Potentials in Ethiopian Entertainment industry require further understanding and joint cooperation.


Hager Fikir Theatre

The Hager Fikir Theatre in Addis Ababa is not only the theatre with the greatest tradition in Ethiopia but also the oldest indigenous theatre in Africa. READ MORE

National Theater

Formerly known as the Haile Selassie I Theater, the hall had begun to be built during the Italian occupation as the Cinema Marconi with some 350 seats. Read More


Ethiopian music

Ethiopian music uses a distinct modal system that is pentatonic, with characteristically long intervals between some notes. Read More


Kassa (1927-1973) belongs to the long tradition of melancholy raconteurs with a decided gift of gab.


Ahmed has been a star in Ethiopia almost since the day he began recording. His swooping vocals, complemented by the freewheeling jazziness .

Mahmoud Ahmed

Solomon Bogale was born in Addis Ababa, and raised in the same city. He was a first year mechanical engineering student when he left the university to join the entertainment industry.


Teferi was born and grew up in Addis Ababa. He doesn't clearly know how he got into the profession that he later volunteered to dub as his "life's passion.".



Please use this form to drop us your message to our website. Should you talk with us in person, please hesitate not to visit our office in Alliance building, Piazza: Hawassa .

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